Dear Friends,

It is unusual to mention one's wedding list in an invitation. However, if we take the liberty to do so, it is because, having no other true need than that of your friendship, we have endeavoured to imagine a less customary alternative.

It is our pleasure to organise our wedding and to welcome you. It is our good fortune to be capable to do this. On this occasion, if we have an aspiration, it is one related to goodwill. Motivated neither by charity, nor by compassion, but rather by the sense of civic, indeed Talmudic duty, to contribute to the human collective. Life has given us in abundance, leaving us with the obligation, in service to this debt, to do what little we can to ease the suffering of others.

Numerous causes are obviously worthy of support. On occasion of our marriage however, we have chosen to create a specific project, dear to our hearts and that would permit those who we love, to assist us in fulfilling this task in honour to our union.

We have elaborated this project with friends whose foundation The Tara Vati Ram Gopal Mehra Foundation, we have visited, and who dedicate a significant portion of their time and earnings to the creation of schools and medical dispensaries for the less fortunate.

The Tara Vati Ram Gopal Mehra Foundation

The Foundation has set up a charitable Medical Centre in a densely populated neighbourhood of New Delhi, covering about 11,000 sq. ft on three floors. It also runs two Free Homeopathic Dispensaries. Currently the Medical Centre offers a charitable outpatient facility supported by Physiotherapy, X-Ray, Ultra Sound, ECG, Pathology laboratory services and an Ophthalmology Clinic. The Centre is visited regularly by consultants in several fields of medicine, and also conducts regular family planning activity, serving between 80-120 patients daily.

In addition, the Foundation provides primary education through its support of the Nirmal Primary School - located in the heart of New Delhi. The school educates about 450 students, from Nursery to Class V, and also offers Vocational Training classes for Sewing and Stitching; and Beautician Assistants. Through the assistance of another Foundation, Computer Education is also offered, with 10 computers available for hands-on training for about 200 students enrolled in the classes.

The Project

At present patients receive medical attention on the ground floor and in the basement, as the first floor of the centre is still to be equipped. Our project is to equip and furnish the available 3,500 sq. ft. on the first floor of the centre as a Surgical Facility comprising an air-conditioned Operation Theatre, Recovery Room with 9 beds, Doctor's preparation Room, Patient Pre-operative Room with all requisite equipment and instruments, including Oxygen Manifold and an Instrument Sterilization Facility. For patients to reach the first floor, an elevator system will be installed. In a later step, if feasible, an ambulance service would also be introduced.

  Look forward to seeing you at the wedding !

For details on the Surgical Floor Project, click here

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This effort raised Euro 25,000 or Rs. 1.5 million to see the Surgical Floor a reality.

Carole et Dan

Details on the current activities and future plans of the Mehra Foundation can be found on the Healthcare and Education pages.  We would like to urge you to spend time on the website.  

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