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At present patients receive medical attention on the ground floor and the basement. The 3,500 sq. ft. First Floor of the centre is a well equipped Surgical Facility comprising an air-conditioned Operation Theatre, Recovery Room/s with 9 beds, Doctor’s preparation Room, Patient Pre-operative Room.  The equipment includes instruments, Oxygen Manifold and an Instrument Sterilization Facility.  For patients to reach the first floor, an elevator system is under consideration.

A Mobile Clinic is an integral part of the Medical Centre and visits three pre-selected (at the time of selection, residents of the locality needed to walk for ½ hour to go to a Medical Facility) locations, twice a week. It is back at the Centre in the afternoon at which time it is available for use as an Ambulance.

For additional details on the Surgical Floor Project, Click here.

Apart from the equipment required for these plans, The Foundation will need to engage the services of appropriate medical staff.

  • To provide the services effectively and to upgrade from time to time, the Foundation would need funding in the range of USD 80,000 to 120,000 (Rupees 4 to 6 million) every two to three years.
  • The Foundation needs to fund the activities of the Medical Centre and the Homeopathic Dispensaries at an annual recurring cost of USD 15-20,000 (Rupees 0.75-1 million).


The Foundation will continue to support the NIRMAL SHIKSHA KENDRA in improving its infrastructure and educational facilities.  The Foundation is keen to sponsor activity at the NIRMAL SHIKSHA KENDRA which might help in making this organisation self sufficient.

  • There is considerable pressure on admissions each year.  To meet this requirement it is desirable to  increase from the present two sections per class to three.  There is also pressure from the parents to increase the scope of the school from Primary to Middle School.   Both these possible expansions need additional rooms.  The possibility of adding training in other vocations is under consideration.

  • The Kendra needs about USD 20,000 (Rs. 1 million) annually for its recurring expenses.

  • Maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure of NIRMAL SHIKSHA KENDRA is estimated to require about USD 20,000 (Rs 1 million) each year.

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